About Us

MericaCare Health was formed by two seasoned apparel executives in response to the worldwide shortage of critical PPE supplies due to COVID-19.  Gilbert Audet and Derrick Veillon, a partnership based on 65 years of combined industry experience, fielded numerous requests to use their facilities to produce gowns for the medical industry.  Their extensive network enabled them to quickly pivot to support this critical worldwide need.  They used their existing infrastructure and industry relationships to convert a portion of one of their Texas facilities into an FDA Registered semi-automated CPE Isolation Gown production center with a current capacity of 100,000 units per week.  Using in-house CAD automation, MericaCare gowns are custom designed to be breathable and flexible and are can be modified to your unique specification.

In these uncertain times of COVID-19, governments and business need partners who are nimble and responsive to changing economic and medical conditions. MericaCare Health is such a company and will leverage their efficient and streamlined processes to minimize costs and pass savings on to their customers.